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MEET CORA LEE (aka C. Raven).

Cora Lee Witt was arranged into a plural marriage at 14-years-old in the Short Creek polygamous group, now known as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). Cora became a mother of 12 children and was often responsible for her sister-wife's nine children too. At one time she was the sole person responsible for the full-time care of four babies in diapers. 

Cora also had to deal with an abusive husband, and when she finally found the courage to speak out about it, the church leaders and many members of her community shunned her and forced her out of her home. This was the beginning of Cora learning to rely on herself and needing to put her belief in something other than her religion, and the men who ran it.

Cora found a way to escape the painful reality of her past and in fact heal from it. She created a beautiful fantasy world she called “Snowland” under the moniker C. Raven. Cora’s Snowland, developed over the thirty years after leaving her church, is made up of drawings, stories, characters, and costume designs. This allowed her to reframe her past, process her trauma, and reclaim her identity as a woman, mother, and creative individual.



Snowland is a character-driven, longitudinal project that started in 2013 when documentary participant, Cora Lee Witt, welcomed independent filmmaker, Jill Orschel,

into her creative journey. As Cora works on her "Snowland" realm and other creations, Jill’s camera captures the magic of her artistry and resilience in life. Present-day 

verité footage is combined with Cora’s bold and buoyant telling of her past, while evocative stop-motion collages, using objects from Cora’s life and art, reveals how 

she is able to truly transform through her practice.


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