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Director, producer, and cinematographer, Jill Orschel, combines a passion for film, and a deep connection with her documentary participants, to create nonfiction work that has screened at Sundance, SXSW, DOC NYC, film festivals abroad, and more. Jill is currently working on the feature length documentary, SNOWLAND, about a former child bride in a secretive polygamist sect who escapes her dark past by creating a fantasy world she calls Snowland.


Jill and her team are in post-production and working toward

completing this independently-produced film. Thank you to every

generous supporter who has helped us get closer to the finish line!




Join our effort to bring SNOWLAND to the world.

Contribute $75 or more and we'll include you in the end credits!

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Screened at DOC NYC, TEDx and was a finalist at the Ashland Independent Film Festival
Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival
and was a Jury Award-winner at SXSW
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Award-winning 16mm short
Featuring the internationally-celebrated
Lisa Needham and Rich Wyman
Emmy award-winning 16mm short
My documentaries offer intimate portraits of people as they are discovering themselves in challenging environments. I connect with film participants and take the time to build trust and find ways to collaborate.
Jill Orschel is an award-winning filmmaker whose projects give voice to women from the rural Mountain West and other underrepresented communities. Her breakout documentary short, SISTER WIFE, about a mother of twelve within an infamous polygamist sect, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, won a special jury award at SXSW, and went on to screen and win awards at festivals internationally. Jill’s non-fiction work has also premiered at DOC NYC, IDFA and other top tier and regional festivals. She received a BA in Journalism from Colorado State University, a MFA in Film Studies from the University of Utah, and continues to evolve her media-making practices through organizations such as Sundance Institute (Collab) and Women Make Movies. Jill is also affiliated with the International Documentary Association and Film Fatales. She founded and directed the annual Filmmakers Showcase for fifteen years in Park City, Utah which highlights new work by emerging and established filmmakers throughout the state. Jill’s debut feature-length documentary SNOWLAND pairs an intriguing character-driven story with innovative, artful stop-motion collage.
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